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HCG Affiliate Program


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How would you like to earn passive income while at the same time changing lives?


DIY HCG Diet Affiliate Program

Well, now you can! DIY HCG has an amazing online HCG affiliate program.

It's so easy. Just follow these 5 simple steps:

  1. Buy from DIYHCG.com and lose weight like crazy on the HCG Diet.
  2. Sign up for the DIY HCG Affiliate Program. Then, when your friends and family start telling you how amazing you look and asking “How did you do it?” you'll be ready for them.
  3. Then, spread the word about the DIY HCG Diet Program and get your DIY HCG affiliate money flowing in. Here's how:
    • Affiliate Banners: In your affiliate account, we provide you with banners that you can post on your personal website, blog, or other web outlet. When people click on the banner, your affiliate code is automatically entered into the discount code box when they checkout so THEY get 5% off of their purchase, and YOU get a check for 10% of their purchase total. (Note: Banners do not work on  Myspace or Facebook pages.To advertise on those sites, you can only post your affiliate link or share your affiliate code--see below)
    • Affiliate Link: You can insert your link in e-mails or on social networking sites. Just like with the banners, when people click on your affiliate link, your affiliate code is automatically entered into the discount code box when they checkout, so they'll get 5% off and you'll get 10% of their purchase total in cash.
    • Affiliate Code: When telling anyone about DIYHCG.com, you can give them your affiliate code for them to enter at checkout (in the promo code box) for their 5% discount and your 10% commission. Note: If you want to personalize your affiliate code, simply call us at 888-389-0626 and one of our customer service representatives will glady assist you.
  4. For EVERY HCG order placed using your affiliate link and/or promo code, you’ll earn 10% of their entire purchase in cash; NOT free bottles of HCG or some other “prize.” You get money, money, money.
  5. When the money starts rolling in, you'll receive monthly checks (after you've crossed the $10 threshold) from DIY HCG.

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